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QUEEN RECORDS is an independent record label based in Europe. We’re a team with big experience in the music industry. 

Founder President: Franco Maria Serena

Franco began his career in the sixties, and forming the group called “Ranger Sound”, later changed in “I Ragazzi dai capelli Verdi” (Green Haired boys).Today, we find “I Ragazzi dai capelli Verdi” in all the books and encyclopedias devoted to the Beat Music.
In the early 70’s, Franco founded a progressive rock band called “Nuvole di Paglia”, which released two albums.
In 1982, Franco is influenced by hard rock sound, He loves the Kinks, Led Zeppelin He formed the band called “Serena Rock Band”.
This band is still active, with about a dozen publications, among which include the debut album (1984), a rare and precious for vinyl collectors of the world.
Well known as producer and event promoter

Founder Producer: Mirko DeFox Galliazzo

Well known to have founded in the early 80 one of the first bands in euro Heavy Metal music movement called X-HERO, as frontman and lead singer.
He founded in Padova in 1993 the first association company called the "Club degli Artisti" and in 2003 in Lonigo (Vicenza), the association called ARTISTS NO LIMITS, actually he is the President.
Currently works in the music industry as Executive Label Manager of DeFox Records.
Mirko is a chief of a non-profit creative laboratory that launched innovative projects about sport, music, cultural event, communication, promotion and web development.

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